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DEAR ALL, Due to arrival of my another baby, i have insufficient time to take care of my business.Therefore, i'm doing CLOSING DOWN CLEARANCE. ALL of my items needs to go. Pls contact me for further mark down price. I'm sure u can never get cheaper price than these. Pls make ur payment before 1pm of these days in order for me to send the item on that day too. After sending ur item, i will give u ur tracking no. If u wish to have a receipt, pls inform me, or else i wont issue. Further details pls contact me, 0128866120 or email me at mothernkidsstore@gmail.com (but i prefer using email so that both of us will have a record)or add me at facebook with the gmail address above.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

organicKidz Stainless Steel Feeding Bottles

7oz- 4 design - blue dots, blue, green dot, pink dot

4oz- 6 design -pink, red, green, blue,  yellow, light blue.

4oz- 4 design- purple, blue, red, white

9oz -4 design-red dots, purple dots ,white dots, blue dots

9oz- 4 design- red,  blue dots, polka dots,  blue

Narrow Necked accessories

Wide Necked Accessories
4oz - RM 70
7oz - RM 77
9oz - RM 85

spout - yellow, pink, green, light blue- RM15 each
handle- yellow, pink, green, blue- RM15 each
bottle ring- yellow, light pink, green, light blue, dark blue, hot pink- RM12 each
sealing disks- RM8 each

4oz -RM 70
9oz -RM 77
handle - white, red, dark blue, lavender- RM15 each
nipple - medium flow, fast flow -RM12 each

re-stock available.

**Very low in inventory at the moment. So grab it while still have!!

Stock Available : 4oz wide mouthed & 4oz narrow necked only


  1. hi, wendy. purple dot wide mouth neck has stock?

  2. no. until mid june. white dot, red dot, blue dot on the way.

  3. hi there, the 7oz blue dot bottle available? i want to order, tq ^^

  4. hi, 7oz blue & blue dots are all sold. only pink dots & green dots available now. or u wan 9oz blue?

  5. Hi, i'm interested to buy but need some clarification..between organickidz & purakiki, which is better? apart from the neck size, any difference between the narrow&wide one? so, y the price difference?

  6. different products from different company tht's y different pricing too. purakiki is totally out of stock until june or july. organickidz 9oz narrow neck can keep hot or cold water for 6hours +. others r the same.

  7. organickidz 9oz wide neck cannot keep temperature for 6 hours? does 9oz wide neck come in solid color? i don't want polka dots. Oh, organickidz come in larger size, 11oz maybe? thanks

  8. Hi, im interested to buy
    1)9oz green blue dot
    2)9oz wide neck white dot
    can u order this bttle for me?
    can 9oz green blue dot use for newborn baby?what kind teats can use for this bttle?TQ

  9. aCut2Deep: 9oz wide mouth does not have the function to keep temperature. 9oz wide mouth only have white dots in stock now. the largest size of organickidz is 9oz.

    oOiGirLz: 9oz narrow neck only blue & rasberry in stock. yes, i have 9oz white dots in stock now. the bottle can use by any age if it is enough capacity, or if u don feel it is too big for new born.there are plenty of other teats can be use like avent, medela, Dr Brown, NUK, evenflo ,& many others.

  10. I would like 1 9oz blue narrow mouth. what does the set include? any teat/bottle ring/handle/spout included? How do i make the payment? thanks!

  11. aCut2Deep: comes with a teat. (as in pic)not include spout, handle, extra bottle ring. pls email me ur order at mothernkidsstore@gmail.com

  12. Hi I m interested to buy. Just want to clarify with u on the following doubt I hav:
    1) 9oz white dot is a wide neck or narrow neck bottle?
    2) u stil hav stock for 9oz blue dots n 9oz pooka dots? If not wik there b any restock for the itmes? They r wide or narrow neck?
    3) does the bottle fit pigeon's teats?

  13. 1) wide mouth.
    2)9oz blue dot got narrow neck & wide mouth. both don have stock. 9oz polka dots narrow neck. no stock too. whole malaysia n SG out of stock until june or july.
    3)i m not sure about pigeon's. but we r highly recommend with NUK teat. as this is product of USA, others teat that they suggested also international brand. so i m not sure with malaysia's brand. maybe narrow neck wil do.

  14. hi there,
    do u have 9oz and 4oz wide neck red colour?

  15. Hi, 9oz wide neck left white dots only. 4oz wide neck left purple color only.

  16. we still haven receive any confirmation from supplier yet.

  17. Stock will reach before September. Any1 who interest to buy pls place your order now.=)

  18. the organickidz bottle 7oz pink dot still got stok?

  19. you can send email to me state which bottle do u wan. email to mothernkidsstore@gmail.com. Currently mostly no ready stock but arrive b4 september.

  20. i want the wide neck for quantity of 6. please email me iskandarler@yahoo.com or msg me at 0133933937... tq

  21. 7oz- green dot, pink dot still have or not?

  22. 9oz narrow neck what color still available?

  23. hi, 7oz n 9oz in stock only blue color left.

  24. narrow necked - 4oz, 7oz only blue color left. 9oz blue & raspbery only.
    wide mouthed - only 4oz in stock. 4 colors available.

  25. hi do u still selling this organic kids bottle?

  26. hi just saw this blog and just inquiring if these items are still available... thanks

  27. Hi every1 who interest to buy, pls email me the bottle u want, stock will arrive at end of sept or early oct. place order only if u can wait. thanks

  28. Hi. it's the item still in stock?